An air conditioner’s capacity is measured in tons, but this measure doesn’t refer to its weight. In this case, a ton is a number that represents how much heat a unit can remove in an hour. To determine how much tonnage your air conditioner needs to cool down your space efficiently, you must take into account both square footage and the climate where you live. Warmer climates will require a higher tonnage to remove heat from large homes or offices with a lot of square footage.

Tonnage is critical to keeping energy bills low. While you want a higher tonnage in your unit, be sure not to have a tonnage that is too high because the unit will run more often for shorter periods of time, which may wear your unit out more quickly.

South Florida’s yearlong tropical climate makes cooling indoor air more challenging. For your reference, we have included an AC sizing chart to help match your square footage with the proper tonnage size. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us.

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