3.5 Ton York 14.7 EER Water Cooled YBSV030T High Efficiency Package Unit

  • High efficiency performance
    • – With PSC Blower Motor Up to 14.0 EER and 4.7 COP (ISO/AHRI 13256-1-WLHP)
    • – With Variable Speed ECM Blower Motor Up to 14.7 EER and 4.9 COP (ISO/AHRI 13256-1-WLHP)
    • – With 5-Speed ECM Blower Motor Up to 14.7 EER and 4.9 COP (ISO/AHRI 13256-1-WLHP)
  • Unrivaled cabinet footprint that can fit most application requirements
    • – 12 in. high 006-012
    • – 17 in. high 015-030
    • – 19 in. high 036-048
    • – 21 in. high 060-070
    • – Smallest horizontal cabinets in the industry!
  • All-Aluminum rifled tube-and-fin air coils are not suspectable to formicary corrosion.
  • Dedicated 460 V 5-Speed ECM does not require use of a neutral!
  • 45 in. long 48 MBtu/h model!
  • Base microprocessor control capable of running 5-speed ECM or variable speed ECM with internally mounted 2-way valve
  • Flexible factory installed options
    • Corrosion-proof composite or stainless steel drain pan; including internally mounted secondary drain connection option
    • Filter options: standard 1 in. MERV 4 or option 2 in. MERV 13 with either filter rails or option deluxe four sided filter rack that is field switchable between 1 in. and 2 in.
    • Aurora Base Control
    • Factory mounted internal water valve and/or flow regulator for variable speed pumping systems saves on installation costs
    • Other options: Sound Kit, Coated Air Coil, Phase Guard, Internally Mounted Non-fused Power Disconnect


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High Efficiency

The LX Base Series is a high efficiency water source heat pump in a compact vertical and horizontal cabinet. The product features highly efficient and reliable single capacity rotary/reciprocating compressors mated with large blowers. These blowers are driven by efficient 3 speed PSC blower motors, 5-speed ECM blower motors, or highly efficient variable speed ECM blower motors.

Super Quiet Option

An optional Super Quiet Sound Package is also available for a modest cost and features multi-density laminate lined compressor blanket designed to completely surround the compressor and suppress low frequency noise.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

All LX Base Series features several IAQ benefits:

  • Corrosion-free composite double-sloped drain pan to eliminate standing water and prevent bacterial growth
  • A washable surface on insulation in all air handler compartments to allow cleanability and inhibit bacteria growth. Optional nonfibrous closed cell insulation is also available for more sensitive applications by special request through commercial sales..
  • Open filter rail comes standard for non-ducted return applications. Filter rail is field switchable from 1 in. to 2 in. [2.54 to 5.1 cm] for more filter options.

Internally Mounted Solenoid Valve Option

When variable speed circulating pump systems are designed, low pressure drop (high Cv) solenoid valves are specified at each unit to vary the pump according to flow required. It is important that these valves be low pressure drop to avoid unwanted pump watts. This option factory installs this valve inside the unit.

Secondary Drain Connection Option

Some local building authority’s interpretation of codes require more condensate overflow protection than standard microprocessor based condensate sensors offer. In these areas a full secondary drain pan might be required causing both increased cost and unit service access issues. In many of these cases a secondary drain connection option can be added to the unit to pass this local interpretation of condensate drain redundancy. This option adds a second PVC drain connection to the drain pan at a higher level.

Phase Guard Monitor

Factory mounted phase guard device is available to protect the compressor against loss of phase.

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