Refund Policy

Upon delivery of any products You order through the AYC Website, or Your AYC Account, You will be required to sign a delivery receipt form indicating that the products are in acceptable condition upon arrival at their destination.

AYC shall be responsible for arranging all shipments of products pursuant to Your orders.
You may return delivered products within fourteen (14) calendar days of delivery if the following criteria are met:

1. The product has not been installed.
2. The product is in its original, unaltered packaging.
You will be obligated to pay a restocking fee equal to fifteen percent (15%) of the gross purchase price of the returned product, which will reimburse AYC for the expense of picking up the returned product. The restocking fee will be assessed to You upon scheduling of a date for AYC to pick up the returned product.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in regards to our refund policy.

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